Main Speakers

Ten main speakers in various fields in the discipline have been invited for IOSOT 2016. The list below indicates the names of the confirmed main speakers, together with their preliminary titles:

Ausloos, Hans Belgium Sept défis à une théologie de la Septante
Bachmann, Mercedes Argentina “Love is as strong as death” (SoS 8:6): Reading the Old Testament in a Context of Gender Violence
Cornelius, Izak South Africa “The Body of God and the Laughter of Sarah”. Studying the Old Testament as an Ancient Book with Iconography
Edelman, Diana Norway Adjusting Social Memory in the Hebrew Bible: The Teraphim
Lapsley, Jacqueline United States Ethics and Creational Dignity in the Old Testament
Masenya (ngwan’a Mphahlele), Madipoane South Africa “Can the Cushite change his skin…?” (Jer 13:23): Beating the Drums of African Biblical Hermeneutics
Niehr, Herbert Germany Die repha’im als konstitutives Element der westsemitischen Königsideologie
Nihan, Christophe Switzerland Les vêtements d’Aaron et la figure du grand prêtre dans les traditions sacerdotales du Pentateuque
Rom-Shiloni, Dalit Israel  The Forest and the Trees: The Place of Pentateuchal Materials in Prophecy of the Late Seventh / Early Sixth Centuries BCE