Monthly Archives May 2016

Exhibitions at the congress

Did you know that some very old books/manuscripts and artefacts related to the biblical world are available in museums in South Africa? Take a look at the new Exhibitions page on the website for a sneak peak! During lunch hours, there will be free guided tours through the three exhibitions. Further information will be made available in the IOSOT programme book (online, and in print).

Early-bird registration tariffs only available for another 30 days

Early-bird registration tariffs expire on 30 June 2016. Thereafter, increased tariffs will be applicable until the final cut-off date of 31 August 2016. Hurry up to register within the next 30 days in order to avoid the price hike! Also take note that all unpaid registrations on the system will be recalculated on 30 June according to the increased tariffs. Therefore, if you have registered but not paid yet, please do so until the end of June.